Sorry, unfortunately your screen size is too small to correctly display this page. is a tool to easily create scatter plot from data. Give it a try on your computer.

Introduction to with sample data sets visualizations and examples.

Drag and drop or copy-paste your data into the box below to create a new scatter plot.

add data

Delimiter separated formats like CSV, TSV are supported. You could also copy-paste your Excel spreadsheet table.

Try with this sample data:


Your data stays on your computer and is never sent anywhere.

Right click on the image below and choose Save image as… to save scatterplot on your computer.

PNG format


SVG format


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Is my data safe?

Your data stays on your computer and is never sent anywhere. In fact, this app will even work without internet connection.

What formats are supported?

CSV, TSV and other delimiter separated value formats.

Are date and time values supported?

Not yet. Date columns will be treated as text for now but adding support for date type is in the roadmap.

Which browsers are supported?

It works primarily in Chrome. It may not work in other browsers.

Can I report a bug?

Sure! If you noticed that something does not work as expected or if you have any other question please share here.

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